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Neular Wall

Neular Wall is a great option for building vertical structures and a nature-friendly choice. Neular Wall has been created as an alternative to wood where humidity tolerance, durability and a long lifetime are required.

Our Walls will last you a lifetime, without fading and cracking, with minimal maintenance and virtually limitless options when it comes to textures and colors.

Key Features.

Made to last

  • long lifespan
  • incredible weather and UV resistance
  • waterproof
  • corrosion safe
  • vandal resistant

Lifetime Performance:

  • superb noise insulation – B3, 31dB
  • maintenance free
  • easy to install
  • environmentally friendly
  • low lifetime costs
  • all metal components are hot-tip galvanized

Available profiles.

Neular allows you to build a vast array of structures that will last a lifetime. Be free to use Your imagination.


A range of looks.


Whether you are covering a large area or making a statement, we have the look you are after. From un-laminated boards to that perfect deep red you have always dreamt about but never thought possible.



NEULAR Craft decking boards are not laminated. They give you a durable, weather resistant, natural look and are extremely easy to install and maintain. Perfect for large projects.


NEULAR Natural

Laminated NEULAR boards imitate wood both in appearance and structure. NEULAR Natural boards feel great under your foot and are extremely resistant to sunlight and scratches.


NEULAR Unlimited

A virtually unlimited choice of laminates made to order gives you exactly the look you are after and helps you go way beyond previously possible.


NEULAR profiles’ extreme weather resistance and great looks make them perfect for fences and privacy walls. NEULAR tongue-and-groove design enables easy assembly without compromising the excellent sound isolating properties. No moisture can penetrate NEULAR smooth surface, it stays hygienic with significantly less effort, making NEULAR perfect in farms and horse stables.  

Zen wall 1.jpg

Fences and privacy walls

It is a smart solution to build a fence along houses, roads or other areas to achieve visual and acoustic barrier for privacy. NEULAR is an excellent noise insulator, at the same time it is very durable against sun, rain and freezing temperatures. Frame is galvanised steel posts with nicely finished cap. Standard length between posts is 2m. Module is installed into concrete.


Noise Barriers

NEULAR boards in noise and wind barriers are offering functional and effective solutions for reducing noise pollution near highways and the city environment. In addition to the inherent durability, it provides great performance over competing barrier technologies in terms of simplicity of the installation and maintenance. NEULAR is an excellent noise insulator and very durable against various weathering effects – sun, rain, freezing temperatures.

Best Practice in Road Construction – Estonia’s Largest Highway (E263):
Opened in November 2013, the Kose-Aruvalla section of Tallinn-Tartu Highway (E263) sets the standard for safety and quality for future road constructions in Estonia. NEULAR noise barriers, used extensively on over 2000 meters of the total constructed roadside, will shield the noises from the busy road for the local residents. With its long lifespan, NEULAR noise barriers will most likely outlast the asphalt on the road itself while requiring no additional maintenance or costs. The low lifetime costs are an important factor to consider in choosing the right solution.

The 240 tonnes of plastic used in the wall is equivalent to 12 million plastic bags or 48 million yoghurt containers.


Stables / Farms

Unique smooth surface which reduces maintenance cost by 100% comparing with other plastic boards. NEULARr T&G stable boards are also designed to ensure healthy living environment for your horse. Boards do not absorb moisture and infections will not spread.