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Neular Deck

Neular Deck is an economically advantageous and nature-friendly choice. Neular Deck has been created as an alternative to wood where humidity tolerance, durability and a long lifetime are required.

Our Decks will last you a lifetime, without fading and cracking, with minimal maintenance and virtually limitless options when it comes to textures and colors.

Key Features

  • Maintenance-free – no need for additional protective treatment, easy to clean and stain-free
  • Weathertight – highly endurable; UV resistant
  • Safe – Neular decking boards do not splinter and are non toxic
  • Watertight – does not absorb moisture
  • Nonslippery – even in wet conditions
  • Very easy to install
  • 100% recyclable - used boards and off-cuts can be fed right back into the process
  • 100% recycled - manufactured from household plastic waste
  • Workability is similar to wood
  • Thermal expansion – expands 0.0069mm per meter per degree of temperature change

Available profiles

Neular allows you to build a vast array of structures that will last a lifetime. Be free to use Your imagination.


A range of looks


Whether you are covering a large area or making a statement, we have the look you are after. From un-laminated boards to that perfect deep red you have always dreamt about but never thought possible.


Neular Craft

Neular Craft decking boards are not laminated. They give you a durable, weather resistant, natural look and are extremely easy to install and maintain. Perfect for large projects.


Neular Natural

Laminated Neular Decking boards imitate wood both in appearance and structure. Neular Natural boards feel great under your foot and are extremely resistant to sunlight and scratches.Perfect for a summer terrace at a country home or a rooftop lounge.


Neular Unlimited

A virtually unlimited choice of laminates made to order to give you exactly the look you are after and help you go way beyond previously possible.

Easy to install. Easy to maintain.