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This is serious stuff!

Natural is beautiful, we all agree on that. But beauty comes from imperfection – farm smells, muddy boots, violent storms, buckled trees. A true environmentally harmonious future doesn’t care for zealous words or good intentions, only conclusive actions.

Neular takes a no-nonsense approach to our environmental responsibilities.

Neular doesn’t have to pretend to be green, it just is. In a post-environmentalist world a product like ours will forge our cities and infrastructures; it won’t need to shout about how environmentally friendly it is, because that will be the convention – a forgotten consideration. Soiled plastic garbage is the human race’s organic waste, a natural byproduct of modern life – there could be nothing more natural that to use it wisely. Neular is the fossil of tomorrow, today.


Our process is simple but powerful.


Working with our partners, we collect all plastics that would otherwise end up
in landfill.


With virtually no cleaning we use dirty plastics and add electronic waste, we don’t use PET/PVC or any other easily recyclable materials.


Using our proprietary process, we melt the plastics and feed them into the extruder.


Using the extruder we
are able to produce a wide variety of products in large quantities, quickly.


Then it’s simply up to your imagination to produce something visionary that makes everyone’s life a little bit better, without sacrificing the planet.


Proof you can see (and smell) right away.

The internal structure of every board, created by the extruder technology, can be seen when you look at the end of the board. The variations in color, the little specks of metal or even an occasional orange pip prove that the board is made of 100% recycled materials and that no energy has been wasted. The distinct smell, only discernible in new material, tells you exactly what went into that board. That, my friend, is the smell of innovation!


Simple people.
Simple company.


Neular is a company established in 2009 on the basis of Estonian capital; and its main sphere of operation lies in recycling plastic packaging and producing plastic construction materials.

At the moment we are the only Estonian enterprise that can recycle mixed plastic packaging waste. Our annual production volume amounts to 2,400 tons and our ambition is to increase the annual production volume up to 10,000 tons.

The company is based in central Estonia, with its production facilities situated in Väätsa (plastic waste recycling plant) and Mäo (production of construction materials).

What happend to PlastRex?

Nothing. Neular is the new name of PlastRex.

We felt that PlastRex did not adequately convey the innovative nature of our products and us behind them, so we changed it.

Neular is a revolutionary material with a very wide range of applications, much wider than we can even imagine. Neular is a better name to represent our vision of the post-green, post-environmentalist world we are working towards.