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Neular Infra

Neular Infra is an great option for building any variety of structures and products. Mainly used in situations where weather conditions will greatly affect the mateials.

Our Structures will last you a lifetime without fading and cracking, with minimal maintenance and virtually limitless options when it comes to textures and colors.

Key Features.

Made to last

  • long lifespan
  • incredible weather and UV resistance
  • waterproof
  • corrosion safe
  • vandal resistant

Lifetime Performance:

  • superb noise insulation – B3, 31dB
  • maintenance free
  • easy to install
  • environmentally friendly
  • low lifetime costs
  • all metal components are hot-tip galvanized

Available profiles.

Neular allows you to build a vast array of structures that will last a lifetime. Be free to use Your imagination.


A range of looks.


Whether you are covering a large area or making a statement, we have the look you are after. From un-laminated boards to that perfect deep red you have always dreamt about but never thought possible.


Neular Craft

Neular Craft boards and beams are not laminated. They give you a durable, weather resistant, natural look and are extremely easy to install and maintain. Perfect for large projects.


Neular Natural

Laminated Neular boards and beams imitate wood in their appearance. Neular Natural boards and beams feel great under your foot and in hand and are extremely resistant to sunlight and mechanical scraching. Perfect for projects where the infra is exposed to the elements and to the eye.


Neular Unlimited

A virutally unlimited choice of laminates made to order gives you exactly the look you are after and helps you go way beyond previously possible.


The unique characteristics of the Neular material make it perfect for a variety of applications. Extreme weather resistance and great looks make it perfect for outdoor furniture and urban gardens, moisture resistance means your understructures and soil dividers will last until you decide to change them. 100% recyclable material means that when you are done with it, we can make something new - nothing will end up in a landfill. 



Using Neular for building the structures under your deck will provide you with a solid, completely weather- and rot resistant structure that will last until you decide to change it. Neular is resistant to moisture and is unpleasant to rodents and insects, so you don't have to worry about any of the usual headaches.

Gardenhouse - mini 5.jpg

Garden dividers and retaining walls

Direct contact with soil, water and nutritional supplements spell disaster for wooden structures in gardens and greenhouses requiring frequent maintenance and replacement. With Neular you can structure your greenhouse without any fear of the material losing its characteristics over time. And the best part – the boards can be 100% recycled into new ones and nothing will end up in a landfill.  


Urban furniture and public gardens

We all love a public garden or a park, but maintaining the furniture in these applications takes a lot of money and effort. Neular materials are perfect for urban gardening and public furniture due to extreme weather resistance and a very durable surface. Now you can build structures that will last and keep their appearance significantly longer.