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NEULAR is a perfect material for a variety of applications, whether you want to build a deck or wall or even a bench, but the fact is, we have been using it to replace wood as a more nature-friendly option...

Where else can we use this unique material? This is a question that gets us all exited and where you and your imagination come in. We established NEULAR Lab to work on innovative solutions, new profiles and finishing techniques.


Join us!

We are on a constant lookout for like-minded people ready to dive in at the deep end. Join us today and let's take the revolution to a new level.


Agent / Sales Representative

Are you selling building materials, flooring, farm equipment or something else along those lines? We will be delighted to introduce you our unique products.


Installer / Contractor / Builder

Are you a qualified installer, contractor or builder? We will show you how our products can help you provide a wider list of options for your clients.


Architect / City Planner

Are you planning and designing urban solutions, parks or farms for your clients? We have a wide range of technologies that can help you bring your designs to new level aesthetically, technically and environmentally.